Medical Spending On Diabetes Cracks The Top 20 Global Economies

In 2019, diabetes is estimated to have caused at least $760 billion in health expenditures. To put that in perspective, if diabetes were a country and that was its GDP, diabetes would rank #20 in world economies.  Just edging out Switzerland with a GDP of $703.75 billion. That’s a lot of money! Currently, about 463 million adults have diabetes, with an estimated rise to 700 million adults by 2045.

Diabetes Awareness Day November 14

Why Are Rates of Diabetes Increasing?

As countries grow, and economies increase, the lifestyles of their citizens change too. When a country’s economy becomes stronger, access to resources become easier and urbanization starts to take place. Large populations of people have easier access to food and begin leading more sedentary lifestyles. When food becomes more accessible, the rates of obesity ( a major driving force for diabetes) tend to increase as well. Transitioning from a mostly agrarian lifestyle to an urban landscape dominated by convenient food and 9-5 desk jobs, becomes a blessing and a curse. A perfect example of this can be seen in Asia. According to the ADA, Asia accounts for 60% of the world’s diabetic population, with its rates of diabetes increasing at the same time as its economy and urbanization. Globally, 79% people (that’s 3 in 4) with diabetes live in middle- and low-income countries.

World Diabetes Day & Raising Awareness

During the month of November, we have a lot to celebrate. During Veterans Day, we honor all those hardworking men and women who have answered the call to serve our country. It’s also the month that we celebrate one of our country’s oldest traditions, Thanksgiving. But November also is a huge month for Diabetes Awareness. November 14th marks World Diabetes Day, and it is an important initiative that helps bring awareness to the growing problem of diabetes across the globe. More than 463 million people have diabetes world wide, and 1 in 2 adults living with the diesease undiagnosed. Diabetes makes up 10% of global health expenditures and is responsible for 4.2 million deaths. Raising awareness about diabetes is more important now than ever before.

Get Proper Treatment & Diabetes Education

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